Wine Not? How to Host a Holiday Party that Creates FOMO

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How to Host a Holiday Party that Creates FOMO



One of the best parts of having a home you love is hosting a party in it!  A couple of years ago, I decided to switch up my holiday party and make it more interesting.  I’d love to claim it as my own but I actually borrowed the idea from friends who started this amazing tradition.  What started out for them as a small gathering of friends, has turned into the CANNOT MISS party of the season!

Wine Party That Creates FOMO


The concept is simple really and there are only a few rules:

1. Every guest brings a bottle of wine and $2 for the pot

Essentially you pay to play.  The goal is to be voted Best Wine of the Evening but please note you don’t have to bring an expensive bottle.  Because each bottle is anonymous, no one knows the price.

2. Each bottle is anonymous.

Each bottle of wine your guests bring is wrapped and numbered as to keep everyone honest.   A few notes about this:

  • your guests bring the bottle and you wrap it and number it once they arrive.  Make sure to let them know they don’t need to wrap it.
  • You can use whatever you want to wrap the bottle.  I use tinfoil for the wrapping as it’s quick and easy – not to mention sparkly for the holiday season!  You’ll be wrapping quite a few bottles so you should also select wrapping that is quick and easy.

3. Cast your vote

Throughout the evening guests vote on which wine is the best – voting is determined through tasting ** Please note multiple taste tests may occur to determine the best wine**.  If you like the wine – put a sticker on it!

I use stickers for the ‘voting’ for a few reasons:

  • everyone loves stickers – doesn’t matter what they are.  You could choose a theme for your party and purchase coordinating stickers.  It’s also really easy to buy sheets of stickers and cut out blocks of 20 for each guest.  I’m not crafty but if you are, go ahead and make handmade ballots for each wine!
  • they make clean-up easy.  Once the voting is complete, tinfoil and stickers can be disposed of very easily

4. Determine the winner

The wine with the most ‘votes’ wins the pot.  It’s that simple!

I hosted my last party during the holiday season because I wanted to have fun with the holiday theme.  For example I handmade all of the wine charms myself with each one being a holiday themed character (holiday movies included).  Everyone had a great time selecting whether they wanted to be Donner, Blitzen or Clark Grizwold for the night!

I also included spittoons for the not-so-great wines.  Part of the fun of the evening is not knowing if you’re drinking a $20 bottle of wine or a $50 bottle!  If you take a taste and don’t like it – spit it out!


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There are a few things you need to prepare before the party:

  1. You need a lot of tinfoil (or wrap)
  2. Wine glasses – make sure you have enough wine glasses so everyone gets one!
  3. Wine tags – I made mine because I wanted them all the same style.  I used Martha Stewart Key  Tags for Jewelry.
  4. Buckets and ice for the white wine.  You’re a good party host – you don’t want the wine to get warm.
  5. Spreadsheet to record every bottle of wine and the guest who brought it.  Click here to download your free FOMO-Worthy Party Spreadsheet.
  6. ‘Pot’ to collect the money – you can creative with this!
  7. Spittoons

The thing I love about the party is that it’s perfect for any occasion!  Holiday, birthday, anniversary…..  It’s always a good time no matter what.

You can do it for any occasion ….and I mean really, wine not?!



Wine Party That Creates FOMO


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