Values Based Design

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Everyone has heard of value based design.  Value based design is getting the best bang for your buck.  Where is your money best spent?  What is the cost vs the value?  We always have that conversation with clients but another conversation we always have is one around their personal VALUES. The rules, habits and behaviours we follow in our daily lives have an impact on the things we use.  Part of our process is to really get to know our clients and discover how to design for their lifestyle and most importantly  – their values.

We’re sharing a few tips on things to consider when designing around your values:

Tip #1: Make a list

We love lists.  You should too.  Make a list of your values and determine your top 5.  Not sure what you value?  This list can help you get started.  A lot of financial advisors will advise you to invest in what you value when choosing stocks for your portfolio.  This is sort of the same idea.

Tip #2: Put Your Money Where Your Time Is

Do you like to read a book in the tub?  Are you an avid gardener?  Do you love to cook?  Think about where you like to spend your time and invest your heard earned money there.  A free standing tub may look beautiful in an ensuite but if you don’t like to relax in a bath at the end of the day – why bother adding that to your budget?  Build a larger shower with a few bells and whistles that you can enjoy every morning!

Tip #3: Don’t Ask Your Friends

So often we meet clients who got an idea from a friend of theirs who saw something on TV.  If that idea relates to  your values – great!  Let’s implement it into the design!  But if not, why would we spend your money on it?  Friends and family are great for referrals but just because someone did something in their home, doesn’t mean it works for you.  In floor heating in a bathroom may be a dream to one person but a nightmare for someone else going through menopause!

Tip #4: Always Put Value on Resale

We ALWAYS consider resale when designing a renovation or new build.  Even if you think you may live there forever, at some point the house will have to be sold.  This doesn’t mean we compromise on customizing a design for you, it just means that we always have resale in the back of our minds when we’re designing a floor plan or making finish selections.  For example, having consistent finishes throughout a home is more resale friendly than having every single room in the house assigned a different aesthetic.