Small But Mighty Closet Solutions: Part I

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Organization does not have to be sacrificed in a small closet and in fact, it shouldn’t be overlooked.  Let’s face it, most ‘closet systems’ aren’t actually designed to make your space most efficient and effective.  The result is clothes that are cramped and wrinkled and shoes as a jumbled mess on the floor.

We recently worked with our friends at RSVP Design on some custom closets for the Landing Residence.  The homeowners had some big requests for small spaces but with the help of the team at RSVP we were able to make it work.  If your existing closet space is a nightmare, check out these tips to help you design a walk-in or reach in closet that actually allows you to find your stuff!


custom closets, custom closet design, interior design, home renovation, small spaces



Tip #1: Use what you got

With most closet systems, you’re limited by sizing.  Here’s the situation: you go down to your favourite big box store and purchase the systems, only to get home and realize that you’re inevitably going to have that 7-8″ of dead space unused once installed.  The beauty of designing custom is that it can be designed to use every square inch of your space!

A well done custom solution will address all of the obstacles and installation hassles.  It will consider all of the electrical outlets, access panels and light switches you need to work around.  Not to mention a well designed closet will utilize all of your space leaving nothing wasted.


Tip #2: If the shoe fits

Who doesn’t need more shoe storage in their closets?  A lot of people tend to use shoe racks with the lip on the edge so you can display your Louboutin’s as they should be.  But what most people don’t know is that those ‘lips’ on your shelves can actually damage the shoes.  So it’s best to design cubbies for those spaces rather than angled shelves to ensure your shoe investment (re: a few mortgage payments) stay in good condition for years to come.  Bonus feature: cubbies act as double duty for storage.

custom closets, closet design, custom closet design, interior design, renovation


Tip #3: Enforce Double Duty

At the Landing Residence, the homeowners are currently using the second bedroom as an office/spare room.  So all of the current storage needs are for things like general storage and Christmas decor.  Since the homeowners don’t plan on staying in this home forever, they wanted a custom solution with flexibility for resale.  So things like a pull-out hamper were used for wrapping paper, drawers can be used for Christmas decor, etc.

We think you should also have mirrors anywhere you have clothes, so we put a mirror on the inside of the door of the closet space.

custom closets, custom closet design, interior design, storage solutions

A space efficient custom closet does not have to be lofty goal that is out of your reach.  It all begins with thoughtful design that uses all of your space and can be flexible to adjust to your needs!



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