Designing with Intention: A Love Letter to Homeowners



With the new year here, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about goals and intentions for 2017.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this and how it applies to what we do at CWDesign, and the intentions that we have set for 2017.  It is my hope that we will be a small part of the shift of thoughtful design in your homes.  We will be re-thinking ‘intention’ as it relates to design as well as our business model.


So dear homeowner, this year I would like you to think about the choices you make in the design of your home.  I would like to see inspiration pulled from everything around us.  Use elements of nature AS THEY OCCUR in nature.   Get inspired from the colours of the sunset, your travels, or a child’s chalk drawing on the sidewalk.


Pay attention to the details.  Get off your phone and take a look at the architecture around you.  Appreciate the design and the expertise that goes into creating the building that you work in every day.  Have an understanding that every part of the building, right down to the elevator lobby, was thoughtfully designed for you.  Every connection point, surface you come into contact with, and flow of the space was carefully thought out in the design process.  Apply that same thought process to your own home.


Shop locally.  Work with your local artisans and craftsman to develop your design concept.  Push the boundaries of those in the design industry to get creative for you.  Use their expertise to customize a solution for your home.  Bring design back into the world of Interior Design.  Don’t just select a pattern or material – design one.


Purchase artwork from local artists.  I’ve said this before, select art that speaks to you – don’t select it because it matches your decor.  Don’t be afraid to express yourself with art.  Appreciate the time it takes for an artist to create a piece of art, and understand the value in that, and invest in it.


Play with pattern and textures.  Layer them together.  Experiment with different colours in fabrics, mix metals, play with scale.


At CWDesign, our intent is not to design FOR you but to create an experience of design for you.  We want all of our clients to fall in love with their home.  So this year resolve to be intentional.  Make a shift to be more thoughtful in the design of your home.

Celebrate design.







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