5 Winter Wonderland Ideas You’ll Want to Steal This Holiday Season

deck the halls for a winter wonderland

As a designer, I always face the same holiday decorating challenge – I want to change my theme every year!  Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of different holiday decor so this year I already had a good inventory to choose from.  Rather than spend for the sake of spending I decided to work with what I had and only add what I needed.

After assessing the inventory, I decided to create a monochromatic colour scheme – in other words – all white everything!!!  It turned out beautifully.  Check out my tips for how I turned my home into the perfect winter wonderland this holiday season!


5 winter wonderland ideas you will want to steal this holiday season


1. Start with a white tree or tree with frosted tips 

The goal here is to create a winter wonderland so the more white the better!  I started with a white tree that I’ve had for years.  It’s the perfect start to a winter wonderland because it already looks snow covered!

I didn’t want white garland on the fireplace mantel so I opted for greenery with frosted tips.  This is important to note and goes for the design of your home all year round – everything doesn’t always have to match.  Coordinate, yes – match, no.

There’s something magical about the white tree but it can be a little more novel so if you think you will tire of it year after year, go with a traditional green tree.


Designer Tip:

If you can’t find a tree with frosted tips, you can always spray snow on the ends.


Trim the tree for a winter wonderland


5 winter wonderland ideas you will want to steal this holiday season





2. Add white and then more white 

Because I was aiming to have a monochromatic colour scheme, I opted to do white decorations on a white tree.  I chose a mixture of matte and shiny finishes as well as a variety of sizes.  The look of this is absolutely stunning.  One of my favourite places to shop for holiday ornaments is Canadian Tire.  They have a great, affordable selection.

Those adorable ‘snowball’ ornaments came from Michaels.  I loved them so much I put them on the tree AND on the mantel.  The white sticks were also purchased from Michaels as well.


trimming the tree for a winter wonderland


deck the halls for a winter wonderland


3. Include natural elements

Because I was going for a ‘wonderland’ theme I wanted it to be white but I also wanted it to look outdoorsy!  That’s why I like the look of the ‘snowballs’ and the sticks.  I also added ‘snow covered’ pine cones throughout the tree and mantel to bring a little more of the outdoors in. Mine were purchased due to lack of time, but you could easily head outside with the kids on a weekend and collect these yourself!


5 winter wonderland ideas you will want to steal this holiday season





4. Add a touch of whimsy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything cheeky.  Holiday decorating is fun so don’t take it so seriously.  Pour yourself a drink!  Get the kids involved!

By adding feather wreaths, white nutcrackers and quirky signage, the space became a lot more whimsical and fun!



5 winter wonderland ideas you will want to steal this holiday season


Fat Pants Sign


The nutcracker




5. Cozy up

Tis the season for soft throws, cable knits and fur.  I used fur stockings on the fireplace to bring in some warmth and coziness to my monochromatic colour scheme.  Cuddle up with your favourite throw, rum and eggnog, and sit back and admire your work!

Deck the halls for a winter wonderland


Cookies and eggnog for Santa


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